Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shoes and Coats

This house did not have a back porch (covered) or a coat closet when we moved in. We now have a back porch of sorts, but still no coat closet. What a pain!

Last weekend we finally got some shoe shelves and coat racks up in the garage. Finally! The last few years all of the outdoor coats had to be stored in the bedroom closets--most of which were already full to bursting because of the number of people sharing them--and the shoes were put in the mud room. Any idea how many pairs of shoes 10 people can generate? The two teenage girls alone were taking over all of the space.

Now...ahhhhh, shelves.

In case you are counting, there are currently 34 pairs of shoes on the shelves. That comes to almost 4 pairs per person since Nathan hasn't been home to put up his shoes. I only have 2 pairs on the shelf, so someone (probably the person that has 3 pairs of flip flops alone, not to mention the rest of her shoes) is hogging space.

And coat hooks. Oh yes, and painted stairs. All the way up to the bedroom!


My goodness, look at all of those shoes. And they are all important. Boots for mud, sandals for hot weather (or if you are Robyn, for all weather), play shoes for playing. Barn boots for riding. All of the church and going out shoes are NOT on these shelves, thank you very much.

Take a closer look at the top coat rack. The right side in particular. The rack is not, I repeat, NOT, in the shape of a wooden spoon. Or an African spear.

What is it? Can you tell? Fine. It is an EGG. AN EGG. And if you visit me, would you be so kind as to mention said EGG in my husband's hearing so he can be happy that it is recognizable as an EGG? There are speckles and everything.

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KarenK said...

Yay for the new storage facility. More shoe storage always comes in handy. Love the egg, and the color of the steps!