Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Library Day

Today was library day. Every other Tuesday morning we pack up the van and head to the library. I actually like this day even though it does have it's bad moments. It seems that someone always forgets a book or can't find their card. But it is a small price to pay for having kids who LOVE to read.

Today we were missing our biggest reader so the pile of books above isn't as big as it could be. It is pretty hard to keep track of all the library books so each person is in charge of their own. If they can't find a book and end up with a fine, they pay for it. To be fair, if it is my fault the book is overdue then I pay. For kids up to age 10 they are limited to checking out as many books as they are old. After that, it is a free for all. It helps to know absolutely that my 5 year old has to find 5 books and that the total number of books for the under 10s is 24.

Tips for a successful library day:

  • Gather your books the night before (something I need to follow myself)

  • Along the same lines, have a certain place the library books are kept. We have several "certain places" but it is nice to know where to look.

  • Unless you want to participate in the lapsit story time, DO NOT go to the library on that day. It is a madhouse, trust me.

  • Remember that you can use the computer to renew any books that may have been left home. I just got all of the PIN #s for our account so I will no longer have overdue books!

  • Leave lots of time to browse.

I got several interesting books today that I am anxious to read. I think I checked out too many books to read in two weeks especially since I am still reading my new birthday books. But I can always renew them next library day.
Off to read!


Cathy said...

It was library day for us too!

We also have the rule that you can check out the same number of books as you are years of age.

Maybe I got the idea from you.

KarenK said...

Looks like the perfect sweatshirt for you -- and I do remember reading the Richard Lederer books! Very funny, and a good humorous way to teach language to the kids too.