Sunday, February 15, 2009

5k Race

I have been wanting to enter a 5k race for a while now--just to see what time I can get. Racing a stand alone 5k is very different from a triathlon 5k, and different than just going for a run, at least for me, so I can't just go out and run 5k (3.1 miles) and record the time. That Wouldn't Work.

Well, a few weeks back we were leaving the pool after family swim time and I saw a flyer for the "Couples Classic 5k" to be held there at the park on (very appropriately) Saturday, February 14. Oh, I wished I could sign up! But it is a couples race, and even though they accept individual entries, I really didn't want to race a couples race without being part of a couple. Not to mention the t-shirt would say "couples classic". No thank you. So I lamented and sighed and whined to Daren a little bit about why can't he just run with me any way because I really don't care about his time, just mine, and I also really don't care how we would place as a couple. Really.

Nope. Not interested.

Until last Wednesday he called me up and asked if I still wanted to enter the race, and if so I had better do it that day because it was the last day to preregister (to guarantee yourself a t-shirt). Shock. Apparently, he had been running a little at work to prepare for the race--to see if he can run. Add the fact that we have been doing Crossfit together for the last 6 weeks and he felt confident enough to enter the race with me!

So we ran the race. It was fun. He was afraid of embarrassing me. ??? My time: 23:40. I was hoping for under 25 minutes, so this was good. His time: 29:42. No training, no hours on end of working out, just a few 1 mile runs and 6 weeks of weight lifting. I am so jealous. Our total time was 53:22, good for 16th place out of 31 couples in our age division. I got 98th place out of 374 entrants, men included. I think I was about 35/207 women.

Next year, we are going to try to get some of the kids involved.

Oh yeah, he is already talking about the next race we will enter. I think he may be hooked. smirk

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