Friday, October 27, 2006

Fun Mom is back

For a while anyway.

The boys are learning about the Prussians this week in history. For their fun Friday project they got to make a pikelhaube. Not a real one, a fake version of one.

This is a real Prussian pikelhaube (spiked helmet). Here are the ones the boys made:

A little different, but they like them anyway. I thought it was fitting that younger son used his hat from Morocco for his pikelhaube. Morocco is across the way from Spain which is next to France, and the Prussians were fighting against France in the story we read. See? Work with me here.

Of course they think they should also have some Prussian weapons to go with them.

No Fun Mom came back and put a nix on the weapons. I suppose they will go outside this afternoon and pretend, which is okay.

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Dick said...

No big stretch required to link Imperial Germany with Morocco! The First Morocco Crisis (1905) and The Second Moroccan Crisis (1911) pitted Germany against France for influence in that part of the world, and many think these Crises were precursors to WWI. Read all about it at!