Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gathering Eggs

Something I have been doing a lot of lately. I have 17 old hens, and about 30 new ones. The new hens are just over 5 months old so they are starting to lay eggs.

Problem: The eggs are very small. Another problem: The chickens aren't penned up so it is anyone's guess where the eggs end up. Some in the hen house, some in the middle of the field, some nestled in the corner of a stall in the barn. Twice now I have come upon a nest of more than 15 eggs. Eggs can last without being refridgerated for about 2 weeks so I am not worried that the eggs are bad. However, I can't sell the eggs because they are too small, so I have a drawer in my refridgerator with about 4 dozen little eggs in it.

Even the bantie hens have started laying. Now their eggs are really small.

Regular sized egg

Pullet egg

Bantie egg

Those little eggs are so cute. They are even cuter when in the frying pan:

Even the turkeys are starting to lay eggs. Right now their eggs are about the size of a regular sized chicken egg. They are a little rounder and speckled.

So I have a boatload of eggs. LOTS AND LOTS of eggs. Oh, except the kind I need--regular sized chicken eggs. My big chickens seem to have picked up the nasty habit of eating their own eggs. Some days if I am on the ball I can get 6-8 eggs from them. If I don't get out there quick enough, I may get 2.

I have told them that eating eggs is a habit that will get you put into the stew pot, but they don't seem to be listening. Yet.

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