Monday, October 02, 2006

Strawberry Hat

I figured I ought to mention the strawberry hat. I made a shameless plea for my sister, Irie, to make my little guy a hat. She talks about the hat here:Berry. I have another strawberry hat that was made for my now 9 year old by a good friend of my mom's. The poor hat has been loved so much, especially by my current 3 year old, that it will not fit my littlest guy. It has been too stretched out. So, my berry talented sister knitted him up a hat. Ha ha, why learn to knit when there are people that you can coerce into doing it for you? Hmm, I think I am in need of a hat to match the nice scarf you knitted me last winter, sis, what do you think?

Apparently, she also made my little nephew a pumpkin hat. I love it! It appears that it is being used as a cover up for a bad haircut, which is a perfectly acceptable use for these cuter than cute hats. I haven't seen the haircut yet so I haven't made a personal judgement as to its badness yet, by the way.

Alas, my little red head doesn't have enough hair to warrant a haircut, therefore eliminating the need for a bad haircut cover up, so he is limited to wearing his strawberry hat outside when the weather is cool.


KarenK said...

And a sweet little head it is, covered or not.

Irie said...

hmmm... you need a hat to match your scarf??? learn to make one!! muahahaha!!

(this is how mom got me into knitting. "ohh you poor thing, your handknit socks are wearing thin... you could make your own!")

Cristy said...

Well, "I need a strawberry hat for my little guy" worked, so it didn't hurt to try. Shucks.