Monday, December 04, 2006


Question: Are these pigs ready to be butchered?

This has been plaguing me for a few weeks. I don't know the answer. My guess is not yet, in which case I have to go purchase more food for them. I have someone coming to look at them pretty soon who can answer this question.

Question: Is this rooster really mean?

Answer: My kids say he is. I ignore him and he ignores me so I don't have first hand knowledge with this one either.

Question: Will I fall in this immense puddle? Or will my husband dig a ditch to redirect the water around our property? It looks harmless, but the best route across this puddle is right next to the worst route across. One misstep and I am up to my waist in the bathtub hole.

Answer: No! I will not fall into the bathtub hole (called this because the boys dug a bathtub out of the ground there last year). The ditch has been dug and water should be going around rather than across. However, I have been informed that there are some more holes in the puddle area so I still need to be careful when crossing. Thanks a bunch. At least I can jump across now instead of wading.

Question: Aren't these the cutest kitties ever?

Answer: Of course!

Question: Will we finish the framing on the garage before our permit expires?

Answer: Sadly, no. We have exactly 5 days until the expiration and too much work to do. This isn't exactly our fault since we have worked on it steadily since August when the last of the foundation was poured. But the six months started in June with the foundation forms inspection, then we didn't pour the slab until August. So ALL of the framing, including the stairs, eaves, roof, inside walls, etc., had to be done in 3 1/2 months. This is a lot of work considering that 1. we are clueless, 2. most of the work is being done by one person with two helpers, and 3. it gets dark at 5 pm. And then there is gymnastics. And soccer. And life. And, darn it, it is cold out there. The good news is we can buy a six month extension, one time only, for $130. That is what we will do.

Question: Will my children ever learn to pick up after themselves?

Answer: Not bloody likely.

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