Friday, November 24, 2006

Pig Wrangling

Is there such a thing? I don't know, but there should be. Oh, how I wish I had gotten a picture, but somehow I turned the camera ON when I thought I was turning it OFF, so it hadn't been turned ON when I thought it was. So no pictures.

The pig yard has turned into a swamp and it is even wet and knee-deep muddy inside the shelter area. So we decided in interest of the pig's health (I wondered aloud how long it would take me to get sick if I had to sleep in a mud puddle) to move them into the barn.

What is the best way to move pigs from one place to another?

I would say herd them. Apparently my husband has a different idea. He lassoed the pigs one at a time and dragged them to the barn. LASSOED THEM. With a ROPE. Oh, how I wish I had a picture. He was muddy from head to toe. And stinky. Remember that brown stuff in the pig pen is not just mud.

You would have thought those pigs were being dragged to their deaths. The thrashing and squealing and carrying on was incredible. We just wanted to make them all comfortable and cozy inside a stall full of hay instead of leaving them belly deep in mud all day and night. But I guess that wasn't clear when my husband slung a rope around neck/chest/wherever handy, and started hauling them across the wet field, through a really huge puddle, and into a dark barn.

The piggies are happy now, snuffling in the dry hay. One was itching his backside on the wall when I left. I am sure they will have made a huge mess by tomorrow, but at least they will be warm and dry. They only have another month or so before they head to the butcher so we will make them as comfortable as possible.

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