Monday, November 20, 2006

Turkey Day

Yesterday I butchered the turkeys. I will spare you the gory details--it is a lot like chickens except there is more blood and guts.

The turkeys were a little big. I have mentioned before that I purchased them too soon. Well, a few weeks ago one of them died so I weighed it. It weighed 17 lbs and didn't look that much smaller than the rest, so I thought I was doing pretty good. I told my mother-in-law not to worry, they won't be too big.

Huh. My first clue should have been when my husband came huffing and puffing into the barn with the first turkey. One of the smallest ones. "My, he sure is out of shape," I thought. He used the wheelbarrow to cart the rest of them in, one at a time.

My second clue should have been when I couldn't lift them in and out of the scalder water or the plucker (which didn't work very well, but it did help). My wonderful husband had to do that part too.

The last clue(at which time I was becoming rather nervous) was when the only way I could pick up the turkeys to weigh them was to scoop them up with both arms and stagger over to the scale.

The smallest turkey weighed 26 lb., 14oz. Then 27-6, 27-12, 29-14. After that I had to use my bathroom scale because they were bottoming out the other one. They weighed 31.5, 32, and 32.5 pounds. And the big tom turkey?

Yeah him. He weighed over 42 pounds. I am hoping he will fit in my oven. If not, I guess I can cut him up.

He looks a little funky in this picture, but really, he is fine.

Compared to a 27# turkey

Compared to a chicken

Oh, I hope people still want these turkeys. We took them up to the ranch last night to put them in the refridgerator. The price gets a little daunting with a 30+# turkey, I think. I know at least one person won't buy one if they are too big, but I am hoping everyone else will have visions of wonderful leftover turkey for the freezer. If not, I have visions of some wonderful turkeys for my freezer.

Next year, I am DEFINATELY not getting turkeys in April.

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