Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This Week

Monday: ran 30 min
Tuesday: swam 1400 yd; 40 or so minutes
Wednesday: Bike 1 hr
Thursday: Run 30 min
Friday: Swim however long it takes me to go 1400 yd
Saturday: Bike 1 hr
Sunday: Rest or run, I can't decide.

I signed up for the Albany Sprint Triathlon on April 20. So it really is going to happen. I am trying not to get nervous. What if I get a flat tire? What if somebody kicks me in the face in the pool? What if I look like a total dummy and make people mad at me because I don't know the unspoken rules? What if I knock over my bike in the transition line and it starts a domino effect? What if...I. Can't. Finish.

I got something new today and I can't wait to show it off...nope, not going to tell. Wait and see.

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