Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Oregon Coast

What a relaxing place to be. No pressure, no worries. I can't even begin to describe how nice that is. Good food, and even better company.

Until the subject of vomit comes up. Do I not get enough of that at home? And the fart jokes. Are we not adults here? I did not start it, either. Well, maybe one mention, but if I am possibly going to have to share a bedroom with someone I want to make sure they know the rules.

Then, nearly every time I opened my mouth, my mom told me: "That could be one of your 6 weird things." Great. My own mother thinks I am weird. I can't possibly be the only person that: 1. is afraid of the dark, 2. won't eat beans, 3. has slightly itchy toes after taking a hot shower (it is NOT a fungus!), 4. has to read in order to go to sleep, 5. ...See? I can't even think of 6 weird things about me. I am completely normal.

Although the weather was slightly dreary, the ocean was still lovely, and the walk around Spring Lake (pond) was so nice.

Thanks for such a great time!!


Cathy said...

I can think of 6 weird things about you.

Cristy said...

Oh, that is harsh. I'm telling. Moooo-oom! She's being mean to me!