Monday, May 21, 2007

My Vacation: Day 6, Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm was our last theme park stop. There are far more "big kid" rides at Knott's, so the little kids didn't have as much to do. There was a lot to look at though, so they didn't seem to mind.

There was this ride:

It has two big No's in my opinion: Super spinning and getting wet. I sat this ride out.

Throughout all the days leading up to KBF, no one said no to any ride they were tall enough to ride. My 6 year old even went on the Tower of Terror at California Adventures and wanted to go again. There were a few times someone said no to a second ride, but there were no first ride refusals. Until today.

No thanks:

Forget it. Four kids went on this ride and afterwards my 10 year old said "I feel sick." Ya think?

Yes. But I didn't like it. Who knew that going through a bunch of loops and twirls backwards could be so scary?

Heck, no. That ride tops out at 205 feet, then drops off at a 90 degree angle. Are you crazy?

My husband was. He went on it four times, the last 3 within about 30 minutes. One of which he dragged me along on. Fine. So it was fun. But it was just as scary as it looked.

My favorite ride was the Silver Bullet. I don't have any pictures, but here is a good site to see what it looks like.

I would also like to recommend SKIPPING the wooden roller coaster Ghost Rider. Oh, sure, it looks fun and scary and spectacular--And it was, what I remember of it, that is. I was kept pretty busy trying to keep my son from rattling out of his seat and trying to keep my head from rattling off my shoulders. I had a head ache afterwards.

We found a few nice gentlemen that wanted to sit and chat...

Those crazy kids were tired and wanted to go home.

"Come on kids, can't we go on the Xcelerator one more time? PLEASE???"

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Irie said...

looks like an exhausting day of fun! what a good lookin family.. great photos :)