Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday Ten

Ten things I think of while I am driving

1. Other people's driving. Someone needs to explain this to me: Rule 1. Don't drive in the left lane unless passing. Rule 2. No passing on the right. Rule 3. Don't impede traffic. So if someone is driving slow in the left lane and I am not allowed to pass them on the right, how am I to keep from impeding traffic? Normally I just go ahead and pass but it BUGS ME.

2. What am I going to make for dinner? Always on my mind.

3. Did I forget my list? The answer: Probably.

4. The best way to get where I am going. There are usually several routes. Which one is the best? The shortest? The quickest in terms of time? I could easily turn this into an obsession. In fact, I think I already have.

5. Chores. When am I going to mow the yard, finish the cement work, weed the flower beds? It is time to till the garden and plant--when am I going to do that? Stuff like that.

6. Farm planning. I need to order chickens and turkeys for this summer--How many? What should I charge? I have heard chicken feed prices are going to rise--do I raise my price? I want people to know that I am selling chickens but I am terrible at marketing. I hate asking people to buy things, so how do I get past that? And what is the best way to advertise? I want a cow. And some goats. Where does one get such things as those? How can I make money off them?

7. Nothing. Ever look around and go "wow, how'd I get here so fast?" or "I hope that light was green." I don't. Nope, not me.

8. Kids. Kid problems, kid needs, kid schedules, kid fun stuff, kids.

9. Often I can't think, because someone is talking to me. Is it wrong to just want a little quiet in the car so I can think? Is it wrong to think "Just SHUT UP!!" if I am just thinking it, not saying it? Probably, but I do get a little tired of kid conversations that are talking just for the sake of talking, and not getting much of anywhere. It is worse that these conversations are peppered with me saying "What?" "You have to speak up in the car." "I can't hear you, did you say 'cat fries'?" My kids all have soft voices unless it is time to be quiet. Then all of a sudden they find their voice boxes.

10. Conversations I have had or possibly will have sometime in the near future. I can carry on quite a nice conversation with myself, I must say. Which is why I get a little irritated when my kids want to talk about cat fries, whatever those are.

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