Wednesday, April 25, 2007


While at the local home improvement center a few mornings ago I happened upon a rack of discount plants. I picked up 6 bundles of strawberries for $1 each. WOW!

I was planning on ordering some strawberries from the seed catalog anyway, so this was my kind of deal. I realize I am planting them a little late, but who can resist discounted strawberry plants? Even if they are a little leggy and wilted.

I built three 4x4 frames from scrap 2x8 lumber and placed them in the one and only spot that my husband didn't object to. Or I should say the spot about which he objected the least.

Then my husband took the tractor with the bucket on the front and filled my boxes with dirt. The first 2 boxes have just regular field dirt with compost dirt on the top, and the 3rd (a hydraulic hose broke and we had to finish later) has dirt from the pig pen. You know, pig "dirt". Heh.

I planted the pathetic little strawberry plants and said a quick blessing over them.

Then I had to go to a soccer game. I left, knowing that the chickens had been eyeing my dirt boxes, so I was a little worried.

I didn't see anything amiss right away when I got back, but then I saw the hole in the middle of the box.

So we constructed some covers for the beds. Makes it a little harder to water, but that is part of having some of the chickens run free, I guess.

Those pesky chickens aren't going to get away with this.

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