Friday, September 15, 2006


When packing for my recent trip to the coast, I decided to take along my current cross stitch project. I hadn't worked on it in some time--at least a year, probably more. I had put it in the closet when we moved to this house a little over a year ago and hadn't pulled it out since.

I have made 9 of these stockings now and honestly it is getting a little boring. Especially the ones like the current one that have a large section of "wallpaper". There is so much repetition it is mind numbing. So I didn't really want to take it, and didn't really intend on working on it when I was there.

But my sister wanted to see it. "It looks the same as it did the last time you saw it," I said. She wanted to see it anyway. I think it was a plot, because as soon as I pulled it out, I had to start working on it. "You're almost done!" she said. Okay, okay, I'll work on the stupid thing.

I almost finished the stocking in those 3 days we were visiting my mom, and last night I did the last few lines of pink. Now I have until Christmas to turn it into a stocking like all the rest.

Nine down, ONE to go!

I am now dreaming of what I will do when I am done with the last stocking. I haven't even started it yet, and I can't wait to be done. What should I do? Another cross stitch project? I already make quilts but that isn't really a sit down on the couch and watch tv type of craft. Maybe I will take up knitting....Nah.


Cathy said...

Ahem, you've kind of glossed over the part where your wonderful sister had to, all weekend to keep working on your stocking.

Cristy said...

Thank you, thank you for being so very annoying and incessantly pestering me day after day. Thank you. I wouldn't be done if it weren't for you. :::sniff:::

Irie said...

OF COURSE you should take up knitting when you are done with the stockings! Something foot-related, naturally. you should learn to knit socks! :)