Friday, September 29, 2006

This morning

This morning I only have 4 kids at home. Two left at 4:30am for a hunting trip with their dad and two stayed the night with friends. That leaves four. Naturally it would be the four youngest.

I had some coupons I needed to use up so I decided to go to a few local farms to spend them. When we were walking through a little room full of big boxes of produce I heard 5 year old son say "Mom, Look!" I looked and there they were. The hugest, most gigantic apples in the world.

The variety is Honey ___________--something, I can't remember. Gold, maybe. The apples are enormous. It is hard to tell from the picture, but the smallest one is bigger than a regular sized apple. So I let each little one (except the baby) pick one out. The big one is the 5 year old's. He only ate half of it for lunch and is saving the rest for a snack later today.

I also picked up a box of pears and two boxes of peaches for canning. As if I have time to can. Ah well, anything to fill my lonely days to keep from pining away for my husband...

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