Sunday, September 10, 2006

What I saw in the field...

This morning when I was walking back to the house after feeding the turkeys, this(one like it, that is) is what I saw in the field. It was perched on the side of the moveable chicken pen about 20 feet from me. I continued walking toward it and it flew a little way off and perched on the top of the shelf (the infamous rooster hangout). I got about 10 feet away and it flew to the top of the barn. At this point I decided a picture may be in order (good blogger that I am) and I ran in the house for the camera. Alas, the hawk was gone when I got back, so I have to make do with the picture on someone else's website.

I think it may have been a Red-Tailed Hawk, also sometimes known as a...chicken hawk. Uh-oh. I think it was fairly young as it was pretty small and the noises it made were young sounding. Hey, I have birds, I know the difference between a young chicken sound and an old chicken sound, hawks can't be that different, right? My hawk didn't have a white breast but was speckled sort of all over.

It was so pretty I couldn't help wanting to get as close as I could. It didn't seem scared of me at all. In turn, it didn't phase the chickens one bit. I guess if they felt there was a threat to their safety they would be hurrying to get under cover.

Unbothered chickens milling about, lazily ignoring Chicken Hawk

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