Saturday, September 16, 2006

Stairs are not easy to build, no not at all.

When making the decision to build an addition to our house (less than 1200 square feet, 10 people--we NEED more room)I only looked at the big picture. Small house, lots of people, easy. Let's build on. The making of the plans was very confusing since we had no idea what the city building department would want, so another easy decision. Hire someone to make the plans for us.

Now we are building what the drafter drew and some of it isn't making sense at all. Take the stairs for instance. There they are on the plan, looking just like stairs. But when I measure it out, I come up with the need for 17 steps and the plans have 14. Huh? I think he just took his little computer program, clicked on stairs and merrily went on his way with little thought as to how the heck they were supposed to really go.

Start from scratch then. I can do math, so I come up with 17 steps approximately 7-3/16" high, using the measurements we have taken. Fine. But what about the landing, and the beam that supports the stairs, and the walls, and the fact that the beam comes out in the MIDDLE of the doorway (oops)? Nope, building stairs is not an easy thing, in my opinion. My husband keeps saying "Okay. Here's what we are going to do." Then proceeds to tell me--except in the middle he says "Oh, now wait a minute." "Okay, here's what we are going to do." Is anyone fearing for those of us that are going to be using this garage he is building?

I think he has it figured out. I don't know, because I left in the middle and started taking pictures of the clouds.

It is a beautiful day. It rained yesterday and looks like it is going to try again today.

He is working. Like I should be.

Some people. I'm just laying here trying to take pictures of the clouds and he keeps walking in front of me.

I spy a butterfly

Well, that was fun. Break time is over. And for the record, my husband does know how to build. No worries.

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