Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The lessons we learn.

What is this, you may ask? A pile of glass, I reply. For the second time in my life I have seen that safety glass is rather fragile. The first time is an event that will be forever etched in my memory. Don't worry, it is a funny memory, one that brings out a big laugh whenever I think of it. The current pile of glass is actually not my fault, in fact I wasn't even there when it broke (boys were scooting it across the bed of the truck and hit a bolt) but it has yet again brought to mind the time when one second I was standing there holding up a large piece of glass and the next moment it was gone. Vanished. In it's place, a pile of tiny glass cubes.

It happened a long time ago. We had been working on the bathroom all day in hopes of being able to take a shower in the new bathroom that night. The last thing to do was to install the shower door. This particular shower door had been hanging around for several years, just waiting for the time we would need it. Out of the box it came, gleaming and beautiful and perfect. Truly the perfect shower door. No glazed bumpy ugly shower door for us, no sir, ours was a smooth, glass door. Except one problem. It was too big. Somehow, we had got the sizes wrong and the door didn't fit.

We were crushed. All this time spent dreaming of the perfect shower door and we couldn't even use it. But wait!

(Please, at this point in the story remember that 1. it was after 11:30pm, and 2. we were young and a bit thoughtless at times)

We have a tile saw! Why not take the metal off the edges of the glass and cut it down to size. Brilliant!

Out came the trusty tile saw. Off came the metal.

Turn on the saw...

With my husband holding the front steady and me supporting the other end we carefully touched the glass to the saw.

Then, it was gone. Vanished. In it's place a pile of tiny glass cubes.

At that point we saw the problem. Of course, a shower door would be made out of safety glass. Who wouldn't know that? So we laughed. And laughed. And got out the old shower curtain, hung it up in front of the new shower, showered, and went to bed.

In the morning I called a glass place and explained the situation. They probably laughed too, after getting off the phone. They very nicely made us a piece of glass the right size and we installed the perfect shower door. The perfect sized perfect shower door.

Then we laughed some more. It has been a nice memory over the years to pull out when I need a laugh, or just when something reminds me of it. Like that pile of glass in the back of the truck tonight that brought a smile to my face.

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