Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Was it my idea to sign my kids up for soccer? If so, WHY??? I don't like soccer. I don't like to watch it, I don't like to hear about it, and I don't like spending any time whatsoever on it. Negativity abounds when it comes to soccer.

Four days a week we have soccer practice. Tuesday and Thursday for 7 year old son, and Wednesday and Friday for 9 year old son. As if the torture of 4-5 hours of soccer isn't enough, they have games to attend. Between the two of them sometimes we have 4 games in one weekend. I. Am. Going. To. Die. Of boredom.

I have a daughter in gymnastics. I love gymnastics. I could watch gymnastics all day and not be bored. In fact, last Saturday I did watch gymnastics all day. And I wasn't bored. At all. A little tired maybe, but not bored. I don't even have to be watching my own kid do gymnastics. Anyone will do.

I have a daughter taking horseback riding lessons. I love horses. I could watch horseback riding for a little while without being bored. Not all day, but for a while. I even enjoy hearing every last detail of her lesson when she gets home. She can follow me around the house recounting her experience to the minute and I really don't mind.

I don't think it is the boy/girl thing either. Last year I had a daughter in soccer, and I didn't like it then either. So it is just soccer that I can't stand.

Later this week, I am on my own. Three family members are going hunting and I am going to be left here with 6 kids and afternoons full of gymnastics practice, soccer practice (ugh), and soccer games (double ugh). Normally, I can at least go to the practices alone and get a little time to myself to read my book. Even better, I can send my husband. But not for the next week. No, I get to take all the kids with me. My joy is complete. It will be even more complete if it rains.

The thing is, in the midst of all my complaining about soccer, that my kids do love to play soccer. It is good for them. It gets them outside, running around getting lots of exercise. It gives them something to be enthusiastic about. It gives them people to look forward to seeing. It gives them something to talk about (on, and on, and on...). So I guess I am willing to buck up and pretend to be enthusiastic about the subject too. I make sure to look up from my book a few times during practice so I can comment later. I can keep all of my complaining about soccer confined to times and places that they won't see or hear. I am willing to take snacks for the team and show up at practices and games on time. I will wash those stinky, sweaty, nasty soccer socks. I will even try not to get too crabby about having to wake a sleeping baby in order to go to a soccer game. I will not, however, stand at the side lines yelling and screaming at my kid to "HUSTLE!!" or "PUSH THE BALL UP THE FIELD!!" or (love this one) "KICK THE BALL!!" Isn't that the point of the soccer game?


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